is a big Island nation, in the western part of the Indian Ocean, near Mauritius and La .

One of the biggest islands in the world, it's as wide as France and Benelux combined altogether.

Though already known to some people since many centuries , it has only been put on maps in the first part of the 16th century, by portuguese sailors, who discovered it by accident - thanks to a strong storm -  which deviated their way to .

It's inhabited by a mixture of people, coming from all over the , sharing the same language "the " , an interesting  , , national  , way of  , .

Grouped in 18 , people there are hospitable and adopt high values, such as the "fihavanana" (brotherhood).

Though geographically close to Africa, - at 400 km east of Mozambique - Madagascar is very different from this continent by its unique wildlife, that makes it a highly advised  destination.
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